Twitter Bot

I set up a twitter bot using the SSBot Google spreadsheet. I am currently running the rows constructor. I modified the constructor to include synonyms and similar words to the first word in every column. When the bot runs it takes a word from every row until it reaches 140 characters, and it tweets every four hours. The results are mostly nonsense and don’t form complete sentences. The theme of each column is rose, nose, hose, and flowers. I would like to create more complex bots in the future that would make more sense and could maybe be satirical. The twitter handle for my bot is @dgst101.

Module 1 Decision

For our first module in Digital Studies I have chosen to do the gaming module. I have never been very into video games, apart from the classic Mario Brothers and Mario Kart. I would like to learn more about the gaming world, including the history of video games, different genres, and how to build a game of my own! I want to step outside of my comfort zone a little bit with this first module and do something I am not familiar with at all. Hopefully this will broaden my perspective on the digital studies world.

Hello World!

My name is Jenna Wood and I am a freshman at the University of Mary Washington. I am excited to have an online forum to share my thoughts, ideas, and work. I would like my domain to reflect me not only academically but also personally. I will hopefully be able to share some great stories involving school and co-curricular activities.

As the year goes on I would like to create a more advanced site with different menu options and separate pages for school and personal blogs. This is just how I’m starting out!