The research for my DigiPo claim was fairly straightforward. We chose the claim “first born children are more intelligent” and then started Googling. ┬áThere were several news articles all from the beginning of February this year. Each news source looked reliable to me, but it wasn’t enough to substantiate the claim. No article had any variations, and they all mentioned a University of Edinburgh study, so I followed the links to that. This was the first published article (February 8, 2017). This short article gave more information about the actual study, which was conducted in conjunction with Analysis Group and the University of Sydney. The actual study analyzed data collected by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and determined that because of more attention to the first child’s cognitive development and first children helping teach their younger siblings, first children were generally more intelligent.


I thought this was a great exercise in reading laterally and getting to the original source of a claim. I actually thought it would be harder to find the original source, but maybe this specific claim was easier to find than others. I had a little trouble posting on DigiPo, but eventually resolved it. I wrote the original summary and added to the origin and prevalence section of our DigiPo page. This project is very relevant today because claims and sources are not always reliable, and this gave me great tools to be able to decipher what is true and what isn’t.



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