Digital Archaelogoy – My Process

After dismantling the iHome iH5, one of the earliest models, I began my search for the origin of its components. I was assigned the control panel buttons and the radio station knob potentiometer to research. After a quick Google search of the part numbers printed on my components yielded nothing but Yu-gi-yoh cards, I decided to look further into the logos I could decipher. The logo was the same on both of my components and it looked like a square with an upside down triangle inside of it. I used the West Florida Components link that was provided to us, but after checking the long list of logos three times, I still could not find anything. At this point I was feeling frustrated and turned back to trusty Google, and searched “who makes iHomes.” After reading a brief wikipedia page on the subject, I discovered that the company SDI Technologies produces iHomes.


I visited the SDI Technologies website and found that they were originally branded as Realtone Electronics in 1956, changing in 1963 to Soundesign, and then again to the current name in 1994. This was and is still a family owned private company. SDI Technologies also contributes to children’s electronic toys and the Timex brand. The company “about” page is virtually the same as what is given on the iHome website as well. Their corporate office is in Rahway, New Jersey, and there are “six offices and facilities throughout North America and Asia.”


I could not find anything more specific about what part of Asia these components were made from so, like any true millennial, I took to social media. I contacted iHome directly through Facebook and asked if they could give me any specifics and they directed me to the customer questions page on the iHome website. I then used that avenue and again asked where the parts were made, and I received an email about four days later saying “This product was made in China”, and that was as far as I could get. Thank you, iHome customer service page, for telling me what I already knew.

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