Mapping Process

The hardest part of the mapping process was trying to figure out what I wanted to analyze and map. I was originally going to map all the places I have been to, but that seemed boring to me and very tedious. I decided on the journey Alexander Hamilton took when he immigrated from the British West Indies to the British American Colonies in the late 18th century. I had recently read his biography by Ron Chernow, and I realized that immigration in the 1700s is not so different from today.


By using Chernow’s references to places Hamilton lived and worked, I was able to create an interactive map using Storymap. At first the website seemed easy to use, then I ran into issues when trying to preview the map outside of editing mode. I liked the look of this interface but almost gave up on it because the points I has plotted weren’t showing up with the corresponding slide. I decided to just finish researching and writing the information in the slides, included pictures, and embedded the link into my code. Miraculously, once embedded into my website it worked for some unknown reason!

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